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  • Waterproofing band to cover joints, join sheets or make lifts on the wall
  • We have two sizes that are used for
    • Roll band W-S 14: 6" width is perfect for sealing joints as a backing strip. It is also recomended for use with liquid waterproofing systems for reinforcing floor to wall joints
    • Roll band W-S 34: Its 34 cm width is great for sealing floor to wall joints in waterproofing terraces and balconies


  • IGU6100 ROLL 14 cm x 20 lm – 6” x 65” 7” ft
  • IGU6200 ROLL 34 cm x 20 lm – 1’ 1” x 65’ 7” ft

Guru USA W-S Waterproofing Band

SKU: IGU6100
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