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Let us create your dream bathroom


Our design expertise, budget-conscious approach, and meticulous attention to detail guarantee stunning results 

Michael Crushman

"Ana suggested Quartz patterns and sink hardware for six bathroom counters [...]  The crews were very professional and the installation and hook up was perfect! Fit and finish is outstanding! 5 Stars - we highly recommend!"

Kate Otto

"The work is absolutely perfect and I know they would not have left until I was 100% satisfied. I had two other contractors in my home for other projects and they both commented on the work and professionalism of the team".

Michelle Henriquez

" They explain, show, and take the time to really understand what my husband and I were looking for. They respected our budget without compromising the aesthetics [...]"


From upgrading appliances and countertops to optimizing space and layout, we oversee the entire bathroom remodeling journey


Free Consult:

Meet with our kitchen experts, assess your needs, and receive a transparent itemized proposal 



Our interior designers collaborate with you. We handle layout, style, material selection, and fixtures.  





The project manager will evaluate construction aspects to ensure they align with what was agreed upon


Guarantee Quality:

Our team meticulously evaluates every detail,  your vision came true and our unwavering standards.


We’ll manage all the permits and paperwork needed for your construction project.

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Fittings and Finishes

Bathroom faucets

You will find a variety of models, including deck-mounted, single-control, wall-mounted and double controls

Don't forget about Sinks & Vanities!

Choose from an extensive selection of sinks, including wall-mounted, pedestal, countertop, and vessel styles

 Tiles and Wall Coverings

Explore sinks crafted from an array of materials: ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, wood, and even sleek metal options

Shower Systems
and Toilets

 From essential overhead and handheld shower heads to luxurious integrated rainwater shower heads with volume control and diverters. *Our service includes dual-flush, low-flush, luxurious models, and bidets

Count on us to make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Unlock Your Dream Bathroom with
Stone Coverings Of Houston

We empower you to transform your vision into reality — we make your bathroom remodeling journey simpler and smoother. Ready to elevate your bathroom experience? 


1 / How much does it cost to remodel a primary bathroom?

Starting at $16,000, our bathroom renovation projects encompass everything you need. From design and building approval to plumbing, fixtures, and waterproofing, we’ve got you covered

2 / Should I renovate my guests bathrooms?

Of course, cohesive design is crucial for your dream home. Guest bathrooms starts at $8,000

3 / How long will a bathroom renovation project take, starting from the day of demolition?

This depends on the specific scope of the project, however Homemakers Of Houston with bathroom renovations typically take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.


Our product experts are ready to help you to take the next steps to a beautiful home! 

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